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Stone Bird.
Image of bird incised on stone darkened by desert polish.
Undeciphered petroglyph that may be directions or a map.

It seems obvious that markings made on sun-darkened rock,

Petroglyphs that suggest star maps.

laboriously chipped into the surface with another rock, would be a way to

Dog or coyote petroglyph
Petroglyph in shape interpreted as a dog or coyote figure with claw and extended head feature.

communicate with others who were not there at the moment, such as the indicator of a spring behind a stone, or a place to look from to see clearly, or the record of an event that occurred nearby.

It also seems obvious that images made in stone in this way are ART, using keen observation of the shape and characteristics of animals and translating that into lines and shading, using the natural dots and bumps of the rock as visual elements in the drawing.

So is it Rock Art or Rock Signage or both?

Mary Carol

Nickajack Lake
Threatening sky

Mary Carol

Closed off in her tomb

Reading from her Bible

In an eight-by-ten foot room

In an eight-by-ten foot room.

Said she shot him

Shot him in their room

Won’t deny it

Sent him to his doom

To his eternal doom.

Three young daughters

Two innocents at school

Fine young preacher

Who’s gonna play the fool?

Who’s gonna play the fool?

Mary Carol

Closed off in her room

Won’t deny it

What will the police do?

What will the police do?