Cedar Ridge

The initial CD by our band includes Mike
on vocals and guitar, and original
band members Vocalist/guitarist,
and Tony Jones, banjo. Setting down
the pattern of wild and crazy bluegrass
versions of Rock N Roll and other great song
done flat out bluegrassified.
Cedar Ridge Presents Again

Second CD from Cedar Ridge, with
traditional bluegrass and off-the-wall
selections such as "Hello, Peggy Sue"  
played with passion and drive by
, banjo, Mike Daniels, guitar, Doug
mandolin, and Ernie Fults, bass.
Available by mail or e-mail order.
Eight by Twelve Foot Room

CD released in 2008, includes Kevin Jago,
banjo original tune,
Citico, and original song,
Mary Carol by Merielle Flood, bass. Musical
tribute to mandolinist,
Marvin Gideon, who
died suddenly while making this recording.
Lead vocals and guitar by
Mike Daniels.  
Available at our shows.
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Cedar Ridge