Bluegrass is our Passion

Cedar Ridge is a hard-driving, traditional, and progressive bluegrass band that
is centered in the Chattanooga/Knoxville TN area.

We perform traditional, driving bluegrass, innovative original songs, as well as
under-utilized bluegrass standards, with soulful duet and trio harmonies and
heart-felt pickin'.

This site is where we will keep you up-to-date on our upcoming performances.
We will also introduce the CDs we have available for sale, as well as keep you up
to date on what each band member is up to.

We are:
Mike Daniels: Guitar and vocals. Long term musician in country, rock
and bluegrass in the Athens, TN area. He founded Cedar Ridge with Dave King,
and has been the driving force behind our success.

Kevin Jago: Banjo and vocals. Former member of Deadrick Hill, Kevin has been
our banjo picker for two different configurations of the band. He lives in the Oak
Ridge, TN area.

Merielle Flood: Bass and vocals. Former member of the Bactrakers, Merielle
holds down the rhythm on the acoustic bass. She writes both songs and tunes for
the band, and brings in vintage country and bluegrass selections.

Wesley Wilder: Mandolin and vocals. A young professional musician, who writes
music and plays a variety of instruments including piano, bass, guitar, and
drums. He kills it on Mandolin. Wesley graduated from the Bluegrass major at
Western KY college.

Tommy Martin: Dobro and vocals. Seasoned performer, our former banjo player
following Kevin Jago, he has transferred his skills to dobro after a hand injury
prevented him from continuing on the banjo. A terrific guy and wonderful,
sensitive vocalist.

We favor duets, trios and all sorts of vocal combinations in addition to our
instrumental favorites. Gaining new material all the time, we will seldom repeat a
song or a set list. If you hear each show we do at a festival, you will hear all
distinct material.  Thanks for your support of
Cedar Ridge.
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